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Having outgrown our current offices, from Monday 15 September 2014, we’ll be found at The Lightwell – our shiny new home in the heart of Clerkenwell.

Come meet us! We’re at 12-16 Laystall Street, London, EC1R 4PF. We’re walking distance from Farringdon, Chancery Lane and Kings Cross.

Shopper marketing is about more than just shoppers

It’s about understanding the trade, the retailers, brands, consumers and shoppers – and knowing how to make everything work together so that in the instant someone is thinking about which product to choose, the answer is always yours.

Here at Mesh, we specialise in bringing brands to life throughout the entire shopper journey – whether that’s in multiple grocery, independents, cash & carry, online or on-the-go.

Here's how we do it.


With half our account team having client and agency-side experience, we’re able to create exciting and deliverable solutions for brand and channel marketing teams.

What makes us tick?

We’ve built our agency around delivering for our clients – be that by working to tight deadlines, tight budgets or just producing amazing commercially viable creative time after time. With almost half of our account team having client-side experience, we understand your pressures, your deadlines and the balance between building a brand and driving sales and revenue.

And as our Retail, Digital and Insights teams have a wide range of experience across different trading environments and sectors, it means we’re able to find solutions to your problems faster and explore untapped opportunities sooner.


We know that pulling volume out of channels is crucial for our clients, which is why we factor the challenges facing your trading team into all our programme development.


We take the time to understand what will build your business so we can deliver creative solutions that work in the real world again and again.

12 of the UK’s Superbrands can’t be wrong*

Our shopper knowledge and unique approach has led to us working with some of the UK and Europe’s best-loved and best-known brands. They come to us not only for our shopper expertise but also for our wealth of experience across a variety of FMCG and retail sectors, including confectionery, soft drinks, alcohol, frozen foods, finance, restaurants and telecoms.

And while we can’t share the work or the names of our clients right here, we’d be happy to come in and take you through some case studies relevant to your category and discuss how we can help.

*Superbrands 2011


Thanks to our London and regional offices, we can see what your brands and their competitors mean to your buying public across the different trading environments.

We understand the pressures brands face in their trading channels

Which is why our shopper marketing teams are asked to deliver within a wide variety client workstreams. Be that creating the insight and the mechanics that unlock incremental space – or even better slots. To working through payback and ROI expectations to ensure all channels and key influencers are supported with a rounded solution.

Our solutions vary but our thinking remains consistent – combining shopper and trading insights to help ensure your brands achieve current sales targets with brand-enriching initiatives.


We provide channel-relevant, category-building, pain-free execution plans that your customers can buy into.

We know how Technology affects how your shoppers shop

Whether it’s hunting for coupons, checking reviews, shopping 24/7 or making their voice heard globally, the fact is the modern shopper has gone digital. All the usual core requirements are still there, but now brands have to be smart online as well as in-store.

Our Digital division works across the whole digital and social media spectrum – from websites and digital vouchering to Facebook and Twitter – and know how to trigger the change in mindset from digital consumer to real life shopper. 


We spend time learning our clients’ ways of working so we can help reduce the time and effort you have to spend briefing your agency.

We find shopper insights that trigger actions

Understanding what motivates shoppers and the importance of applying those insights continues to drive shopper – as well as customer – behaviours. So when we realised that existing research and conventional wisdom just wasn’t keeping pace with the rapid changes in technology, media and lifestyles, we created our own shopper insights division.

Whether you want brand or retailer specific insights delivered quickly and cost effectively, insights to help develop an effective ‘out-of-store’ media strategy, shoppers opinions to drive your trade sell-in or just help interrogating the wealth of information you have within your own business, give us a call.


No one wants to waste time seeing ideas they can’t afford, so when you set a budget, we’ll tell you what we can do with it.

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Our creative department is tiered so that you get the appropriate level of response at the speed you need and within budget.